Research on LNS

Updated: 1 June, 2015.

This list is divided into sections. The first section ("Background") includes several reviews/commentaries and papers on formulation of LNS. The second section includes published study designs for on-going trials. The third section, “LNS for prevention”, includes studies on the use of LNS for promotion of healthy growth, development, or micronutrient nutrition, prevention of stunting, or prevention of wasting. Studies assessing breast milk intake or intake of complementary food are also included. Finally, "Acceptability, demand, and use of LNS" includes: acceptability studies, studies of demand for LNS and other socioeconomic studies, studies on LNS and infant feeding practices, qualitative studies on mothers’ views of LNS, and studies of intra-household distribution/sharing of LNS. Within each section papers are listed alphabetically by first author.

Studies of the use of LNS for treatment of severe or moderate acute malnutrition are not included.

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Published study designs

LNS for prevention

Acceptability, demand, and use of LNS